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Queer Easter 2000


We started this morning with a new game another perfect game to get to know each other, and Heike told us more about the "technicalities".

After that we started the morning seminar, it was about the different rules in our home countries. To do this we started with several questions, 1. age of consent, for gay and hetrosexual people, 2. gay marriage, 3. the right to adopt children, 4. artificial inscimination and other special problems, and ended up with the presentations.

In the second part of the seminar we discussed the different gay organisations in the home countries of the participating members.

In the afternoon we started the second seminar. We split up in four groups 1. video plesure, 2. painting power, 3. internet atack and 4. the best of all theater.

Jesper Ackinger and Servaz van Berkum

-------------------------------- GOSSIP ----------

... weīve heard that the little village of whatever was terrorised by a group of queens, a very trustworthy source from the village told us about this shocking event. They actually went into the shop and bought a bottle of (cheap... really cheap...) champagne. What has happend with the bottle we donīt know, and really, would we. Isnīt the imagination enough?

... weīve also spotted two persons engaged in what seems to be lifesaving activities. Since I, Mr Ossip, need new glasses, I really canīt tell anything more.

... we canīt imagine what all the condoms are going to be used for. We have some suggestions. Use them to keep water in, use them as partyballoons or why not think of something yourself. Condoms are handy, when you're in need of champagne glasses.


-------------------------------- GOSSIP ----------


The banana – a sexual thing ?! or The Funny Bunnies

After having seen the palmtrees, the washed, toasted a shaved cangoroo (ho,ho) puked at the elephant. The peole were really shocked. As if this had not been enough, the video - group made some curious things with their victims and produced a royal broadcast. After lunch, some people claimed they had seen two pink bunnies near the house, hopping and popping in the fields and finally entering the house, doing fabulous things in bed – and bathrooms.

In order to restore their looks for the night out in Berlin, royalty burst under the shower (praying for hot water)... – what a bloodshep.

Having on so much make-up that they even didn’t recognize themselves in the mirror. The Queerparade stumbled to the railway-station and occupied the train. Because of their looks, the conducter fainted away and their Royal Highnesses went to Berlin for free. When they reached the capitol they hurried to a queer-cafe, judging the other sensitive flowers and starting to massage each other. Soon they were bored almost to death by the atmosphere, they made their way to „Die Busche"......

written by

Blueskye and Madame Speaker



During the first hours of this day we met each other in one of the most famous gay/lesbian clubs of Berlin - Die Busche. Sweating, flirting and dancing to German Schlagers most of us joined that no-airconditioned disco or even parties at the "Tanke" (gas-station). On the way back to Werftpfuhl we slept on the train, still not knowing that walking 5 km in the morning can turn people into lunatics. Totally dead we slept for some hours till lunch. After this we met to listen to Jespers report about the IUSY Festival. It took us the whole afternoon to create first ideas and to plan workshops for this event, so we spent just half an hour with our media workshops before dinner. While we were catching the last sunshine of this unbelievable sunny day and listen to Vivien guitar playing, Tomek and his boyfriend prepared the BarbQ.

At this moment its just getting dark and we are going to enjoy a hopefully relaxing evening.

-------------------------------- GOSSIP ----------

If someone would be the Dutch Queen, he would enjoy a big birthday parade and invite a special Dutch guy for a private party.....

-------------------------------- GOSSIP ----------

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