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Queer Easter 2000
How to make the IUSY - Festival 2000 as queer as it can get

Is the Royal Queerdom the way forward ?

One major part of our seminar in Werftpfuhl is the discussion about the IUSY festival in Malmö/ Sweden this year. We came up with the idea that we should turn the festival into a truly queer event and thereby make the socialist youth (and the rest of the world) aware of our ideas and our way of life. In smaller committees we worked on questions concerning the content and the promotion of a queer tent in order to achieve a breathtaking success. As we are still in process of collecting ideas, we are only able to give you an overview about what has come to our brains so far and we would like to invite everyone to send us any ideas that you may have.

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As mentioned above, we are still in the very process of sorting things out but everyone is more than welcome to join in and don´t hesitate to make splendid proposals and we hope to see you in Malmö.

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