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Queer Easter 2000
Judgement Day

j-d-1.jpg (24573 Byte) On the night of April, the 24th all media groups present there resuts in a special show event.
The audience in excitement. j-d-4.jpg (17710 Byte)


From Shakespeare to talkshow: The theatre play covered all this stuff.

j-d-2.jpg (17813 Byte) Mr. Wonderful on the couch and his wife getting him the beer bottles. But the program in the telli is obviously awful. They always are talking about homosexuality. Not the right item for Mr. Wonderful.
A TV-talkshow with folks from the church, the conservative party, the social democrats and of course one of us. j-d-3.jpg (13306 Byte)


The video group presented a gorgeous video about queer bunnies, rainbow flag wrapped women, kinky girls laying on cars and other incredible stuff. Unfortunately we can't present this video on the internet. But there was a speech delivered by Mme. Speaker. Click here for the whole truth.


Uwes modern art extravaganza: A vernisage of the painting group.

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