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Queer Easter 2000
Who are we and what are we doing ?

The Queer Easter 2000 seminar at the Kurt L÷wenstein House is organised by the Falken - Queerforum, the queer branch of the Socialist Youth of Germany (SJD - Die Falken). The special thing about this year┤s event is that it is an international meeting with participants from various European countries. There are about 25 participants alltogether. Although most of them are German, there is a large group from Poland, there are people from Slovenia, The Netherlands, Sweden and Lithuania. As the title of the seminar suggests, the seminar addresses queer folk but nonetheless some straight friends have slipped in as well. All participants are aged between 17 and 38. During the stay at the Kurt L÷wenstein House in Werftpful, we worked at 4 projects and various other activities which you can find on this page.

Apart from the different creative workshops we also started to organize a gay and lesbian contribution to the IUSY-Festival 2000 in Malm÷/Sweden. Our idea is to turn it into the queerest and pinkest IUSY-Festival ever.

Statistic material is also available. Click here.

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