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Queer Easter 2000
Interviews with some participants

The two questions are:

  1. How did you get information about this meeting?
  2. What do you think about it?
dana.jpg (28844 Byte) Dana (20) from Germany:
  1. I saw the homepage of the Queerforum.
  2. Itīs a great experience to get know a lot of gays and lesbians from Europe. After 2 days I can say that this is a community I will miss after leaving Werftpfuhl.


Servaz (20) from the Netherlands:
  1. Internet / e-mail
  2. Itīs absolutly OK.
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jesper2.jpg (19103 Byte) Jesper (26) from Sweden:
  1. Fax from IUSY-office.
  2. Great. Good to meet other Queer friends, discussing common topics.
Pawel (21) from Poland:
  1. From leader of my party
  2. That is quite interesting, but my exceplations were something different. Too much fun and games about homosexuality, too less about problems, solutions and activity from other countries ( except 1 day).
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peter2.jpg (26609 Byte) Peter (26) from Slovenia:
  1. From Heike in october 1999
  2. Itīs really great to have such international Queer meeting. Iīve attended similar events in the past, yet I havenīt had the opprtunity of being a participiant in such a long activity. I hope it will result in a permanent forum for young queer socialists world-wide.
Linas (24) from Lithuania:
  1. Thanks to Heike first. Actually I got an invitation through e-mail.
  2. Well, Iīm verry happy attending this seminar. Iīve been in lots of international seminars, but this is the first my such kind activity. It was very interesting to know about gay and lesbian situation in other countries.
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