Queer Easter took place the first time in the year 2000. It is a seminar hold by IUSY , YES and IFM-SEI . Queer Easter is organized by an international team and hold at the educational center “Kurt Löwenstein” of the german Falcons .

If you want more informations on the seminars of the past:

Queer Easter 2015 – “Critical sex positivism, bodies and Intersectionality”
Queer Easter 2014
– “From the margins to the centre – Queer socialist activism”
Queer Easter 2013 – “Beyond Gender Binaries / Trans*”
Queer Easter 2012 – “How Radioactive Is the Nuclear Family? Queer Living and the Class Struggle”
Queer Easter 2011 – “Know Queer, No Fear: Educating today for a socialist tomorrow”
Queer Easter 2010 – “Exploring Identity – I am what I am.”
Queer Easter 2009 – “10 Years of Queer Easter. We have to know where we come from to know where we want to go”
Queer Easter 2008 – “Education for diversity and inclusion”
Queer Easter 2007 – “Red & Pink united will never be divided”
Queer Easter 2006 – “The Incredible Queerness Of Being”
Queer Easter 2005 – “Identity: Queer”
Queer Easter 2004 – “Overcoming Homophobia”
Queer Easter 2003 – “What Makes The Difference”
Queer Easter 2002
Queer Easter 2001
Queer Easter 2000

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