SPICE GIRLS – spice news!

img_0203Spice Girls are back. Evening, karaoke, deligthing atmosphera, nobody suposed that in one second it would be changed…

Girls caught in the act!

Have you ever supposed that one of the most famous bands in the world – Spice Girls could have been reactivated? Evening, easy atmosphere, karaoke event, nobody expected anything special… Things have changed very quickly and easily. Five girls, five styles, five characters, but one team, united again, united in the entertainment. Entering, silence on the audience, shocked faces , views and laugh. In one moment everyone caught camera, stars were posing to photographies and flashes were everywhere. The band was well fashioned, make – up was made excellent, behaviour on the stage was professional, in one word girls are enormously talented. Patricia, Diva, Simona, Oscarina and Carly, performed untypical drag queen show, they were so great that I decided to call them stars for ever – probably you agree to me. Spice set sung Wannabe – the greatest hit. Participants were very satisfied. I asked Maria about performance: ‘It was great, a lot of fun, entertainment, I would like to recommend it very warmly to everyone’ – I am so sorry, but the next time when you can watch Spice Girls will be on the QE 2008… If you missed recent show you can only enjoy yourself by watching pictures..