Party in Berlin – how we enjoyed ourselves..

Red  and pink united on the dance floor of the one of the most famous queers club…

According to the sentence: ‘Red and pink united will never be divided’ we were enjoying ourselves in Berlin in common. After tours everyone could do whatever she/ he wanted, but most of us decided to go to the club called ‘House B’. By the way it is very nice place – everybody can have a great fun there, the hugest advantage of this place is that is no possibilities to be disappointed due to kind of music which is played there, moreover you can choose which dance floor is the best for you (there is three different dance floors). Atmosphere was really great, everywhere I met participants of QE – it is the best prove that most of us decided to stay there, in spite of they could change the club. Some people decided to stay in ‘House B’ for all night! Despite of tiredness and no possibilities to back Wertpfuhl till 10 a.m… I asked a lot of people about this event, most of them stated: ‘It was to short- it was like a thunder when we were informed that it was a time to leave..’ I can only hope that in the next year we can stay in the club much longer.. and of course transport will be organized much later than at 1:45..

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