Workshop Women in LGBT structures.

When we are talking about LGBT it seems that all elements are equal. Looking behind the scenes it shows up that women are underrepresented in LGBT groups and organisations. Are women just not interested in working on an organisatorical level or are there (patriarchal? misogynic?) structures that avert equal access to LGBT organisations for women?

Queer Easter 2007 focuses on social inclusion. One of the main points is inclusion within LGBT organisations.

In the workshop we tried to detect reasons that prevent women from joining LGBT structure or make them feel uncomfortable in them. The following reasons were found:

  • Stereotypes. For example, women are percieved as non-willing to participate in social activism, born for family etc.

  • Socialization. We are brought up into social roles of women and men.

  • Ignorance of women’s issues.

  • Underestimation of women’s abilities and voices.

  • Absence of gays’ interest to lesbians.

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