Creative Working Groups at QE 2011

This year we have a huge number of different creative working groups (CWG). They all deal with the topic of Queer Easter 2011 – “Know Queer, No Fear: Educating today for a socialist tomorrow”, but on different medias, methods and levels.

First step to resist homophobia

Julia and Lukasz / Level *

Legal gay marriage, adoption children by gay people, open gays and lesbians in politics, LGBTQ-places everywhere… It’s not about the reality you living in? So, that’s a problem but not a disaster 🙂 In Julia and Lukasz’s creative working group we will discuss and analyze how to resist homophobia in the countries with right wing nationalism, post soviet/communist heritage, strong influence of conservative orthodox religion and other exertions of discrimination. We would like to listen to your personal stories to think out and develop our common resistance altogether.

Creative means: video/documentary film

Political correctness alias F**k you very very much

Karmen and Kris / Level **

Are you also interested to know what is the role of words in our life and how to they influence the way we see things? We want to examine how the meaning of words changes depending on the context and audience. We’ll also talk the role stereotypes and taboos play in the language and see how we can change the meaning of the words by reclaiming them. To do that we’ll talk a lot, read texts, analyze clips, play games and focus on the words and their meanings. So if you love words and language Saphir Whorf’s Theory of linguistic relativism doesn’t sounds too scary for you then this the group to choose :-).

Women & Sexual Identity

Lisa & Rinske / level **

For this creative working group we planned three parts:

  • The first part is about answering the questions What is sexual identity? How did it develop? What does it mean to us? We will also connect being a woman and sexual identity.
  • In the second part we will explore different stories of women & sexuality in history and the broad world.
  • The last part will be about womens struggles against heteronormativity in the here & now.

Dismantling society

Carmen and Zahra / Level **

What will we talk about:

Understanding and dismantling the structure of discrimination we face in daily life. Exploring how propaganda can be used agaiinst us, with a special focus on HIV/AIDS campaigns.

What will we do:

Propaganda, use your power for the „good“ side of the world.

What we want?


„Kids Education Theory“

Bine & Lloyd / Level **

The working group will conside the status of child development, their sexuality and the education we provide them. Through discussions, role plays and text reading we aim to create activities and guidelines to frame our education work. We are part of the three groups who are starting to create a ressource for working with children ( 6-13 years old) on sexuality education. Our group will contribute to the introducation of that ressource.

Boys don’t cry! – Masculinity, Sexuality, Capitalism and work with young people and kids

Sandra and Evan / Level **

In a capitalist society masculinity serves the purpose of dividing and opressing, reproducing sexist homophopic and violent norms. Men who don’t fit in the picture of a hegemonial masculinity face difficulties, but still women are the social group who experiences structural opression by the gender binary system. As we can’t abolish the gender binary tomorrow (we would) it remains incredibly important to work, not only with girls and young women to empower them, but also with young boys and men, to make them aware of a privilege that they have simply by being termed a man. After building up a creative and respectful atmosphere in the group, we will exchange persoanl and political experience of our key subjects, afterwards moving on to examine R.W. Connell’s theories of ‘hegemonial masculinity’ and the ‘patriarchichal dividend’. After dicussing theory we will critically examine education as it is now, and suggest alternative practices to both raise awareness of, and decrease male dominance, in concrete work with young people and kids.



Training for Queer Trainers – how to empower people to work in schools, institutions and organisations

Simona and Simona / Level **

In this CWG we are looking on ways how to train people for working as queer educators. It is not a the training itself but the reflection how to design such trainings, how to provide the participants of such a training a good mixture between experiencing and theoretical knowledge. For this we will define what sexual and queer education means. We are going to discuss how to adress identity issues, family as structure which reproduces the present system, homophobia and sexism as some of the most important but also quite challenging points which you are facing within the work of a queer educator. Another important topic in this CWG will be the question how to start such a work and how to set up a framework where you can offer such educational activities, e.g. how to work with and within schools? How to create spaces for queer education within organisations? How do we work with parents?, etc.

Structural homophobia

Yael and Boki / Level ***

How to explain the irrational fear of homosexuality? What is it that threatens people so much about diversity of sexual practises? In our CWG, we will be exploring the deep psychological reasons for homophobia, together with the “rational” arguments of the heteronormative society.

Can we change the situation without deconstructing the society? We will be trying to find answers to these questions, through reading, discussing and creating a campaign against homophobia.

Rainbow kids: creating educational methods for under 10s on sexuality

Christine and Carly / Level ***

Do children have a platform to discuss sexuality? What knowledge of LGBTQ issues do children actually have? To tackle homophobia and heteronormativity we need to break down the taboo associated with sexuality from a young age! Are up for a challenge and want to explore, play and create together? Join us to be part of the creation of the first handbook of its kind about sexuality and gender education with kids in cooperation with IFM-SEI and the Council of Europe.

Working with young people (10-13) on LGBTQ and gender issues

Birute and Laurie / Level ***

This group is one of the three working on the Compasito companion. How to work with 10-13 year olds using non-formal education techniques to tackle LGBT, queer and gender issues. Together we will work using games, personal experiences, theoretical discussion, other exercises, as well as some text reading. Experience of working with young people necessary and/or motivation to do it.

We don’t stop to play because we grow up, but we grow up because we stop to play!

The Dialectics of Sexual Liberation

Amit and Nadja / Level ***

It is not as scary as it sounds. The group will discuss the origins of LGBT identity politics and its modern-day usage.
We will examine its link to capitalism and think why it is important to have an identity at all. At the end, we will try to develop a socialist response to identity politics together.

And it really is not as scary as it sounds.