MWG Music and identity

The band: Music and identity

Media Working Group Music and Identity

Media Working Group Music and Identity

In the media working group band we made some reasearch on topic of music connected to queer identity and also other activities on the topic. Our work was not only about playing the instruments but also using music as a mean of political and personal expression. During the week we worked a lot but also enjoying the time we spent together.

We talked a lot about our personal experiences with coming out and we decided to rewrite the lyrics of Elton John`s „Your song“. Furthermore we picked a simple song „Let it be“ from the Beatles and rearange it in different musical genres (bossa nova, reggae, rock).

Our final performance will be presented as a parody of MTV music awards – adjusted to the queer easter topics. We hope you will all enjoy the show of our band „Let´s play“.


Lyrics of “Our Song”:

(Verse 1)

(M) It’s a little bit funny, this feeling inside
You know that I love you and I can no longer hide
I’m in love with this person

(F) Then why do you cry.
Tell me her name son, Mum it’s a guy

(M) For the first time I’m happy, I accept who I am
Try and understand this, I know that you can
I know it’s not much but it’s the best I can do
You’re the only girl in my life and so songs for you


(M) And you can tell everybody, this is our song.
It may be quite simple but now that its done.
I know that you’ll find, I know that you’ll find.
Now I’ve put down in words.
How wonderful life is, while you’re in my world.

(Verse 2)

(M) I was unhappy and many times cried
The fact I was hiding and for so long I cried
But it’s about time I waited so long
For me to tell you that this is your son

(F) I’ll always be here I love you I do
You’ll always be my boy believe me its true
Any way the thing is what I really mean
Our love is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen


(M&F)    And you can tell everybody, this is our song.
It may be quite simple but now that its done.
I know that you’ll find, I know that you’ll find.
Now I’ve put down in words.
How wonderful life is, while you’re in my world.

I know that you’ll find, I know that you’ll find.
Now I’ve put down in words.
How wonderful life is, while you’re in my world.

MWG Political action

mwg-podcastThe Political Action MWG focused on campaigning, networking and lobbying on LGBT issues. Discussions wend from philosophical to personal to strategic political.

MWG Political Action

Among the discussed topics were “love camps”, heteronormativity in schoolbooks, the populist homophobic government in Poland, how to change conservative religious doctrines and the question on whether or not LGBT organistions should be autonomous or not. The Political Action MGW got out and loud by changing some of the discussions into podcast (internet radio) episodes, e.g. muck-interviews with Polish and Estonian politicians, ads for a Queer variation to a love camp and many short but far from simple questions posted to participants of Queer Easter.

Podcast episodes can be downloaded here:

Party in Berlin – how we enjoyed ourselves..

Red  and pink united on the dance floor of the one of the most famous queers club…

According to the sentence: ‘Red and pink united will never be divided’ we were enjoying ourselves in Berlin in common. After tours everyone could do whatever she/ he wanted, but most of us decided to go to the club called ‘House B’. By the way it is very nice place – everybody can have a great fun there, the hugest advantage of this place is that is no possibilities to be disappointed due to kind of music which is played there, moreover you can choose which dance floor is the best for you (there is three different dance floors). Atmosphere was really great, everywhere I met participants of QE – it is the best prove that most of us decided to stay there, in spite of they could change the club. Some people decided to stay in ‘House B’ for all night! Despite of tiredness and no possibilities to back Wertpfuhl till 10 a.m… I asked a lot of people about this event, most of them stated: ‘It was to short- it was like a thunder when we were informed that it was a time to leave..’ I can only hope that in the next year we can stay in the club much longer.. and of course transport will be organized much later than at 1:45..

SPICE GIRLS – spice news!

img_0203Spice Girls are back. Evening, karaoke, deligthing atmosphera, nobody suposed that in one second it would be changed…

Girls caught in the act!

Have you ever supposed that one of the most famous bands in the world – Spice Girls could have been reactivated? Evening, easy atmosphere, karaoke event, nobody expected anything special… Things have changed very quickly and easily. Five girls, five styles, five characters, but one team, united again, united in the entertainment. Entering, silence on the audience, shocked faces , views and laugh. In one moment everyone caught camera, stars were posing to photographies and flashes were everywhere. The band was well fashioned, make – up was made excellent, behaviour on the stage was professional, in one word girls are enormously talented. Patricia, Diva, Simona, Oscarina and Carly, performed untypical drag queen show, they were so great that I decided to call them stars for ever – probably you agree to me. Spice set sung Wannabe – the greatest hit. Participants were very satisfied. I asked Maria about performance: ‘It was great, a lot of fun, entertainment, I would like to recommend it very warmly to everyone’ – I am so sorry, but the next time when you can watch Spice Girls will be on the QE 2008… If you missed recent show you can only enjoy yourself by watching pictures..

Workshop Women in LGBT structures.

When we are talking about LGBT it seems that all elements are equal. Looking behind the scenes it shows up that women are underrepresented in LGBT groups and organisations. Are women just not interested in working on an organisatorical level or are there (patriarchal? misogynic?) structures that avert equal access to LGBT organisations for women?

Queer Easter 2007 focuses on social inclusion. One of the main points is inclusion within LGBT organisations.

In the workshop we tried to detect reasons that prevent women from joining LGBT structure or make them feel uncomfortable in them. The following reasons were found:

  • Stereotypes. For example, women are percieved as non-willing to participate in social activism, born for family etc.

  • Socialization. We are brought up into social roles of women and men.

  • Ignorance of women’s issues.

  • Underestimation of women’s abilities and voices.

  • Absence of gays’ interest to lesbians.

New website on Queer Easter is now online.

mwg-internetMWG Internet

Internet Working Group has started new website with the latest technologies of Free Software. The website is going to become in a freedom space for all Queer Easter participants and everybody in the world who wants. We created very cooperative team which is gathering people from Belarus, Germany, Poland and Spain. Our target is collecting information about events which take place on Queer Easter 2007, and of course promoting this seminar in the internet. In the ending we would like to introduce you every memeber of this team.

The group from left to right: Patrick , Oscar , Tania , Maria , Andrei , Grobi , Volha