Participating Organisations at QE 2014

Creative Working Groups (CWG)

Selforganising and Activism

by Simon and Elena

Can Activism be queer-socialist? How can we self-organise in an emancipatory way? We will try and answer these two questions by looking at different forms of queer-socialist activism and explore and how they work and what values lie behind them. In addition we will look at ways of selforganising and motivation in our own organisation. Join us if you are not afraid of a self organised journey through cheers, motivation and some world changing !

Rainbow Resources

by Amina, Laura and Christine

The minute you are born you are told that you are a boy or a girl and that there are no other possibilities. This leads to stereotypes, bullying and discrimination which young children are already experiencing. Therefore it is important to educate and empower children from a young age to live in a society outside of heteronormativity.

In our creative working group, we will develop and try out educational activities for children on identity and bullying. If you have experience with working with children, interested in doing so or simply like to use your creativity, come and join us for a FUNtastic working group!

Our Bodies – our Queer Socialism

by Vicky and Sophie

Understanding how our bodies play a role in our politics as well as how they are part of our identities

Queer Guide to the Galaxy (Discrimination in the Workplace)

by Nitzan and Jeroen

Queer-feminist approach to discrimination and harassment in the workplace

Homonationalism: or how to do international queer solidarity without being shitty

by Kirsty and Amit

  • Understanding what homonationalism is and how it is manifested in our day-to-day life
  • Understanding the wider context in which homonationalism operates
  • Exploring how to build to build international queer solidarity outside of homonationalist structures

LGBTQ outside the West

by Lisa and Ivana

Understanding LGBTQ issues outside the Western countries

Feminism and Gender in Activism against Transphobia and Sexism (FAGAATS)

by Sarah and Kris

  • Does LGBTIQ immediately bring to mind inclusiveness and acceptance?
  • Does the Left automatically mean open-mindedness?
  • Do socialist organisations appy equal treatment?

In our CWG we are going to go through such subjects as gender, feminism, sexism and transphobia, especially in the context of activism. We will take a look at our own behaviour as well as the workings of our organisations and build a toolbox of dealing with transphobia and sexism in us, our organisations and a wider context. Although these are serious topics we will include elements of fun.